Windows Azure Virtual Machine stop and VIP

We are running an Ubuntu server on Windows Azure, which had a problem with resources being too low (RAM). Ubuntu run out of memory as well as swap space and became unresponsive. The plan was to stop the virtual machine and increse the virtual machine size from A0 to A1. As we started shuting down Ubuntu server from ssh, it was just taking too long, so the only solution was to stop (force) it from the Azure management console. When I cliked the "Stop" button it changed the status of virtual machine to Stopped (Deallocated). I then went on and set the size to A1 and powered the VM on. But, to our great surprise, as the virtual machine came online none of the pages it hosted were working. I realized the Public Virtual IP changed and the temporary disk was empty. Googling it returned a couple of relevant posts:

I tried to stop it this way one more time and this time it didn't change the public IP. As the posts say, it is possible that the IP will change or, if you are lucky, it won't. The next thing that came to mind was to set the IP to the old one. Well, as it turns out, that's not possible, but a quick look at the Azure blog reveals that from beggining of May it is possible to reserve the IP addresses for new virtual machines. NOTE: Reserved IP addresses are not yet availible for existing virtual machines.
You can read more about how to manage the reserved IP addresses on this blog: