Virtual POS terminal

Virtual POS provides hassle-free integration of different payment processors in your SW products.

It offers easy POS terminal access for your SW application, supporting a variety of existing processors and their POS terminals through standard interface. The integration only needs to be done once, and other processors can be added subsequently.

We support following POS functionalities out of the box

  • Get payment types
  • Transaction
  • Cancelation
  • Signature verification

Key benefits:

  • standard communication with all POS terminals (XML, json)
  • runs as a Windows service
  • new terminal models are being added all the time
  • RS232 and TCP/IP terminals are both supported
  • we are prepared to add terminal support based on your needs

Currently supported POS Terminals: Asecco, Posiflex, Tole Concept, Paypoint

Do not worry anymore about how to integrate different into your solution because from Virtual POS point of view all payment processors are the same and all supports same interface.