SmartPost - Parcel delivery made simple


Goal of project was to develop prototype of advanced Parcell Delivery solution. Parcel delivery solution is designed to provide e-shoppers with more convenient solution for collecting parcels:

  • 24/7 delivery
  • delivery notifications
  • no more waiting in queues at the post office
  • anonimity

Parcel delivery solution also help logistic services to optimize parcel delivery and make more effective transportation of parcels.

Project partners

  • E.Vizija d.o.o.
  • Metra in┼żeniring d.o.o.
  • Faculty of Logistics, University of Maribor

E.Vizija d.o.o.

E.Vizija Ltd-R&D team main activities were developing software to integrate all hardware components and processes into working prototype.

Software modules developed

  • REST API interface for web shop integration
    is interface to easily implement parcel delivery option into web shop
  • Metra packet processing server for communication with parcel terminals
  • Administration module is web application to easily monitor all parcel terminals and parcels in system
  • Notification module to inform clients automatically by email or SMS about delivery of parcells
  • NFC mobile application

All software modules are hosted in Microsoft Azure cloud.

Metra in┼żeniring d.o.o.

Metra engineering Ltd-R&D Group developed:

  • software electronic locks functioning and tested with CAN / LIN Converter (MetraEasyWire) on the mobile application,
  • operational programming interfaces, where are need the development of e-services to facilitate more abstract / higher-level communication by electronic lockers,
  • programmed the necessary interfaces software that will be able to communicate with electronic locks via TCP / IP protocol which require electronic locks and programming interfaces communicating using APIs and XML protocol,
  • programming interfaces to integrate basic logic to lock and unlock the electronic locks and basic logic for error detection and logging, and state management thereof
  • RFID reader (software) is integrated in the NFC environment and it works.

The results of the Metra phases are following functioning modules:

  • Metra Communication Controller MetraEasyWire
  • Display/Keypad module for communication,
  • MetraEasyWire - Touch modules, all MetraEasyWire

which are all Parcell Delivery solution platform combine and completed with tests of integration of mobile applications.

Faculty of Logistics, University of Maribor

Researchers of Faculty of Logistics had two main roles - providing counselling throughout the project timeline as well as being the black box testers of the system. Specifically, they performed studies on:

  • legislation in the field of electronic communication and safety of personal information,
  • patent review in the field of parcel delivery,
  • means of parcel payment and reception,
  • physical and technical safety of lockers.

Additionally, they proposed a methodology for finding out acceptable locker locations and quantities in a given town.