Android Studio version control ignore

I started using Android Studio as it become available as beta (version 0.8.0) because I was disappointed with Eclipse and ADT plug-in.

When it comes to version contril the problem was that I didn't know which files and folders to put into ignore version control. First I opened .gitignore file (it is created when you create new project) to see what to ignore in subversion. After I committed changes I want to get sure check-out will work but it didn't so I started searching for solution. There are many posts about the issue but they are very different so here is my list of files and folders to ignore:

  • *.iml (one file in root and other in app folder)
  • /build folder
  • /app/build folder
  • .gradle foler
  • .idea/workspace.xml
  • .idea/modules.xml
  • .idea/libraries/support_v4_19_1_0.xml
  • .idea/libraries/play_services_4_4_52.xml