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We specialize in web & mobile development, client and server side.

We offer assistance in developing technical specifications and documentation for software and information system development, as well as technical support for startups.

When developing solutions we try to keep it about the content. We believe that understanding the issue is the first step towards its solution.


As we mainly develop custom tailored applications for our clients. Our client portfolio ranges from public institutions to private companies, so our solutions cover a diverse range of fields. There are a couple of solutions that we would like to bring to your attention.

Virtual POS

Virtual POS is a solution for easy integration of different POS terminals in your SW products. Read more...


The data you need for management of a cemetery is quickly and easily available with the CEMS application. The CEMS database is flexible and scaleable. CEMS uses a simple yet efficient web interface with and boasts a simple to use search.

Read more about it at


We are sharp on C# and Node.js. The MVC pattern, REST API, Bootstrap and JavaScript are our usual way to tackle the problems. We have deployed to Azure and AWS cloud. Not much more can be said here as things are changing fast, but we put a lot of effort in keeping up with the latest & greatest.

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